1. Can I pick the fencing up from the yard?
    Yes but please call us before you arrive. Yard is open Monday - Friday 8am to 3pm for pick ups and delivery. 133a Captain Springs Road, Onehunga, Auckland. Address is here
  2. Installation - Can we install them ourselves?
    Yes you can; we provide a set of instructions with your rental.
  3. How does the rental charge rate work?
    Our Estimates provide itmised rental/install/dismantle/delivery/pick up totals.
    Give us a call on 0800 008 558 with the metreage you require and duration of the job + site location and we will send you through an Estimate.
    There is a minimum one month charge followed by a daily rate. So, for example, if you use it for 3 weeks you are charged for a month. If you use it for 6 weeks you are charged for 6 weeks.
  4. Will the feet be strong enough to stand up to the wind?
    Generally the wind passes through the mesh on the fence but we also have additional bracing for wind.
  5. Do you have small gateways for the fence line?
    Yes we have specialised man-gates for pedestrian access only. View this man-gate here.
  6. Can you provide a vehicle access gate in the fence line?
    Yes we can provide an access gate of 4.4 metres by swinging 2 panels.
  7. What are your Terms and Conditions?
    We provide our Terms and Conditions on the second page of your Estimate.
  8. Can I pay by credit card?
    Yes, Visa or Mastercard are accepted. Please phone the Office on 09 636 9637 to make a credit card payment.
  9. Do you have any second hand panels for sale?
    Yes, give us a call to check availability on 0800 008 558.
  10. What is meant by Site "transfer fee"?
    This is the charge made when the hireage on one site is transferred to another person / Company. We do a physical Site Audit at this time to ascertain what items are actually on site, so that missing items can be charged out to the original Hirer, not the new person / Company.